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Start your future today

More than 90 % of the students have proven themselves in leading Institutes and Professional fields

We are delighted to share our school community with you, and our website is a great place to start to explore all that Islamabad Public School offers.

Inclusivity sits at the heart of life at IPS and each year we welcome children from all educational backgrounds at Montessori, Primary and Secondary levels. We provide an exceptional education, equipping young men and women to meet the challenges of life beyond IPS. As well as a broad academic curriculum, there is a huge breadth and depth to the education we offer, nurturing them into adulthood with a true understanding of the Qur’an and Sunnah, strong academic knowledge and a balanced personality.

The Admissions Department is the first point of contact for all prospective families and we look forward to guiding you through our admissions process and supporting you and your children along your journey.

We warmly invite you to visit us and explore and experience every-day life at the School.

IPS Admissions Team

  • Early years​
  • Primary years​
  • Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary

YEARS Junior Prep & Senior Prep


IPS offers a rich co-curricular programme which allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom, strengthen their skills and explore new areas of interests. Daily circle time provides regular opportunities for students to develop their listening skills, learn new vocabulary, practice language skills, build self-confidence, and learn about being a member of larger community as a whole.


Physical education activities cover body control (rhythm, flexibility, agility, balance, direction, speed and intensity) simple sports skills (running, jumping, throwing, catching and kicking) and basic games and exercises. Instruction encourages fitness, respect for rules, sportsmanship, safety and use and care of sports equipment.


The implicit curriculum of character education, teaching of moral principles, insistence on order and firm discipline, and steady encouragement of solid work habits is very much part of our daily teaching. In the Early Years we provide feedback to parents by individualized student reports and parent-teacher meetings.



Primary years offer’s a rich co-curricular programme encompassing the following subjects: Math, English, Urdu, Science, Social Studies and Islamic studies.


Teaching staff is constantly given trainings to be updated with the new teaching trends and to be at par with the current teaching methodologies for the benefit of the children.


Curriculum for the primary years aims to empower the learners, groom them and bring about the best of their capabilities so they can move on to the lower secondary section with a sound foundation.

YEARS 6, 7 AND 8


Today’s students live in a world that is fast paced, culturally diverse, technologically driven and media saturated. These changing paradigms require that we redefine education making it more flexible, challenging and creative. The Lower Secondary programme covers the unique period of early adolescence, marking the transition from Primary Years to Board level. Special emphasis is laid on activity based learning and use of multimedia in the classrooms. The programme provides necessary tools and skills for students to assume an increasing responsibility for themselves and their education, building on their spirit, energy and curiosity, while guiding them toward independence as young adults.


In 8th Class (pre-ninth) we specially focus on students to be prepared for next year board exams, either science or computer sections, we teach them accordingly with their syllabus.

YEARS 9 & 10


The Upper Secondary curriculum covers a broad spectrum of subjects that are tailored to meet the international and local requirements and develop students' self-confidence while equipping them with an essential aptitude for lifelong learning. The academic environment on campus is purposeful, stimulating and challenging. Subject specialists are recruited and trained to deliver not only the academic content but help students grow as conscientious individuals.


IPS releases an annual list of High Achievers. Additionally, our 98% of students get A+ Grade in board exams with distinctions as well. These students often acquire positions in next intermediate level.

Admission process

At Islamabad Public School we have strived to make our admission process as simple as possible to ensure that all prospective parents enjoy a stress-free application experience.

At the time of admissions, please make sure to provide all the necessary documents requested by the school administration. we will appreciate if you discuss all kind of queries regarding curriculum, fee structure, concessions, scholarships and other financial aid related solutions.

 All admissions are purely based on merit. students are admitted on First Come, First Served basis depending on vacancies.

Register now to guarantee a successful future for your child



Apply online or visit our campus



Eligible candidates will be called for an assessment



Selected candidates need to submit all required documents along with the fee payment

New admission starts in August

for admission related queries