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presid-xisThe Pakistan leg of President Xi Jinping’s visit to South Asia has been postponed and new dates of the visit will be worked out between Beijing and Islamabad in days ahead.

saarc china1Connectivity with others is among the basic requirements of human beings, societies and nations. It has been present, and continues to expand, in form and substance. Things are being shaped up quite rapidly with the advancement in information and communication technologies.

turkey today relations tn copyThe historical significance of Turkey in regional and international affairs as well as its key role in the affairs of the Muslim World can hardly be overemphasized.

european_perspectives_The European engagement in Near Eastern affairs is neither a recent development nor limited to political and economic domain. The Christian faith that largely shapes the European mind and landscape traces its heritage to the ancient Near East.

obama_meSince 1967 Middle East – as a region has been a test of US' commitments to its allies on one hand and commitment to liberal values that form its very basis; on the other.

middle_east1Looking at the current economic and financial crisis, one finds that it has been produced mainly by internal factors in the global capitalistic milieu. At the root of it are moral problem, wealth aggrandizement, greed, exploitation, and a system in which economy remains

contemp_thumbIn the contemporary dynamics of Middle East, United States is the major global power that influences the internal and external affairs of the region and shapes the initiatives for peace or dynamics of war therein.

centeral_asia_regionUnderstanding the situation in Afghanistan and its implications on the Central Asian region requires a deep analysis of three important aspects: the security problem in Afghanistan from its genesis to the current dynamics, its spillover effect on the neighboring region, and options and choices available to the regional countries in general and Central Asian Republics in particular.

A talk by Zachary Katznelson, based on his [personal accounts of interactions with the inmates of infamous prison.

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