IPS signed MoU with Academy of Commerce of Yunnan province

A 10-member delegation from Academy of Commerce of Yunnan province, China, visited Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad on December 1, 2016 and signed an MoU for institutional cooperation and collaboration.
Headed by Zhu Fei, deputy director general, Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province, the Chinese delegation was briefed about different research areas of IPS with special emphasis on its China program.
Acknowledging each other’s strengths and expertise while being desirous of forming a long-term, sustainable professional association, both sides agreed to collaborate in capacity building activities for regional development, cooperation and integration. Some of the areas charted out for the purpose included regular or periodic exchange activities, mutual academic research and exchange program, bilateral cultural research to improve cultural exchange, bilateral commercial research to improve commercial exchange, identification and execution of scientific research subjects, and identification of the prospects of initiating China and South Asia Think-tank Alliance.

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