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Hindu Marriage BillPakistani parliament is in process of making Hindu marriages law. The initiative as well as the process has taken more than due time. After prolonged discussion and consultation on various forums, the bill has made some progress recently. A recent controversy regarding termination of Hindu marriage on conversion of one spouse might further delay the passage of this much-needed law. This controversy is based on factual errors and theoretical misconceptions.

abdullahAbdullahi Abdi Rashid, a Somali intern at IPS, presented his study on Somali refugees living in Pakistan on the completion of his temporary attachment with the Institute on March 29, 2016.

ThattaA delegation comprising 36 students from districts Thatta and Sajawal of Sindh visited IPS on March 11, 2016. They were introduced to the history and activities of the Institute and also attended an inspiring mentoring session delivered by DG-IPS Khalid Rahman on life skills and leadership.

brspw1As part of their two-day exposure trip to Islamabad, a 15-member delegation of female teachers and Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) officials from Quetta and Pishin districts of Balochistan visited IPS on March 2, 2016.

The outcomes from the seminar 'Perspective on Cyber Crime Bill, 2015' held at IPS on May 14, 2015.

The protracted structural crisis of Afghanistan has caused one of the most important and lasting outflow of refugees in the world and Pakistan, which bears the bulk of the refugees with Iran, is in need of a long-term vision to deal with such burden

familyA family is the basic structural unit of any society. Society is defined as the social system made up of inter-related and inter-dependent institutions, such as family, education, work, religion and law. Gordon Marshall, a sociologist defined a family

Although the institution of the family is accorded profound importance in Islam, the right to dissolution of marriage is given to both spouses. The Qur’an and Sunnah provide clear guidelines for dissolution of marriage that protect the rights of all stakeholders — the husband, the wife, the children, and society at large

The Northern Areas (NAs) of Pakistan, where a million people reside, and where political, democratic, constitutional and administrative institutions are yet to take roots, also makes a case of intellectual vacuum. A cursory look at the existing literature will reveal that the available studies on NAs do provide valuable information regarding the history, societal conditions, wars between the local Rajas and tales of valour, and about the towering mountain peaks and glaciers. Similarly, enough material is available about the freedom movement of 1947. Then there are books on tourism in NAs, which contain vast and precious information.

The prime motivational forces behind globalization are the giant economies of the world: developed countries and multinational companies (MNCs). The host societies have their reservations about the perceived effects on their own economies

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