cyber thrtSecurity experts in a policy seminar have criticized the absence of a lead agency or comprehensive mechanism in Pakistan that could prevent or respond to any emergency situation should a major cyber threat arise. Development of indigenous IT and satellite technologies was also urged to ensure cyber security.

articleThe history of war among the humans is as old as the humans themselves. The forms of war, its techniques, strategies and its artifices however have changed with the course of time. The wars in the olden times were concluded with the victor occupying the lands of vanquished and making its people his slaves. In the modern times however, with the presence of international organizations and the international laws pertaining to wars, such occurrence has become highly improbable, if not impossible.

FATA Oil and Gas

Development Initiatives in FATA (II) - FATA's Oil and Gas Sector: Prospects and Strategies’ is a seminar brief published by Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad, is based on the proceedings of a seminar held at the Institute on September 19, 2014, as part of a series of programs focusing on development related aspects in Pakistan’s tribal and frontier areas.

militancy1Considering the wide-ranging dynamics of militancy the country is faced with, dialogue and negotiated settlement – keeping in view the larger regional security context as well as long term structural aspects – provides the ideal way forward.

The incidents of terrorism in India are usually seen as activities carried out by external elements, particularly the groups based in Pakistan. Whereas the classic cases of Ganga Hijacking and attack on Indian Parliament explain the fact that rather than losing something,

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