articleThe history of war among the humans is as old as the humans themselves. The forms of war, its techniques, strategies and its artifices however have changed with the course of time. The wars in the olden times were concluded with the victor occupying the lands of vanquished and making its people his slaves. In the modern times however, with the presence of international organizations and the international laws pertaining to wars, such occurrence has become highly improbable, if not impossible.

budgetrep‘Federal Budget 2015-16: Setting the Priorities (Recommendations)’ is a pre-budget report published by Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad. It is based on the seminar held at the Institute on May 14, 2015.

Electoral Reforms in Pakistan

This situation brief comes at a time when PCER has completed a whole year (since July 25 2014) and its work is expected to gain new impetus after settlement of accusations and doubts. The brief presents the background, mandate, objectives, and one-year performance of the committee. It will facilitate the researchers, political analysts and activists and public at large in reviewing the development and progress so far made by the committee to the electoral reforms.

The outcomes from the seminar 'Perspective on Cyber Crime Bill, 2015' held at IPS on May 14, 2015.

Federal Budget 2015-16: A Review

The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad has regularly been coming up with its pre-budget proposals and post-budget analysis and recommendations, in order to assist the parliament, policy makers and all other stakeholders to review the budget. The following analysis has been prepared by a special IPS Task Force.

presid-xisThe Pakistan leg of President Xi Jinping’s visit to South Asia has been postponed and new dates of the visit will be worked out between Beijing and Islamabad in days ahead.

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