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iyf1A three-member Turkish delegation representing International Youth Forum including its executive board members M. Mustafa Bacak and Abdullah Usame Budak visited IPS on March 4, 2015.

obama_meSince 1967 Middle East – as a region has been a test of US' commitments to its allies on one hand and commitment to liberal values that form its very basis; on the other.

centeral_asia_regionUnderstanding the situation in Afghanistan and its implications on the Central Asian region requires a deep analysis of three important aspects: the security problem in Afghanistan from its genesis to the current dynamics, its spillover effect on the neighboring region, and options and choices available to the regional countries in general and Central Asian Republics in particular.

A talk by Zachary Katznelson, based on his [personal accounts of interactions with the inmates of infamous prison.

Seminar Speeches By: Rustam Shah Mohmand, former Ambassador to Afghanistan; Shireen M. Mazari, former DG of the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad and Security Analyst.; Akram Zaki, former General Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, GoP.

karzai_digreeThere is an urgent need to deliberate upon the system of education, particularly at higher levels, and the foundations upon which it has to be established.
Theocentrism does not exclude pluralism and “theocentric view of pluralism” presents a solid moral basis for tolerance of other religions and cultures.

The “6 plus 3” initiative launched by Uzbek president holds promise for the war torn Afghanistan, emphasizes a leading Uzbek intellectual.


In the past two years i.e. 2003-04, the Kuwaiti economy surged by an annual average of 8.5 percent, raising expectations of perpetuation of strong growth

Leading Pakistani and Afghan intellectuals explore the forces behind increasing insurgency, options at hand to improve the situation, and ways to perk up Pak-Afghan ties at this critical juncture.
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