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waronterorUS is not interested in stabilizing Afghanistan or the region; rather it is promoting “creative instability” in the Middle East and South Asia as a design to serve its own interests and those of Israel and India, claimed M. Akram Zaki, former secretary general foreign affairs, in his concluding remarks at a conference held at Institute of Policy Studies on September 29, 2016. He also quoted Zbigniew Brzenizski’s (called as the man behind Obama’s policies) words, “it is easier to kill a million people than to control them” while describing the hubristic policies of the US post-9/11.

kashmirA seminar titled “Developments in Kashmir: Dynamics and the Way Forward” at Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad, on 26 July 2016.

Obama PromisesAs Obama heads towards closing his tenure in the White House, any tangible movement towards his much touted ‘global zero’ is nowhere in sight.

isalogoLead Coordinator Irfan Shahzad visited the US and participated in the 57th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA) held in Atlanta, March 16-19, 2016.

un70While lauding United Nations’ efforts in preventing a third world war and its numerous socio-economic development initiatives, senior diplomats and experts showed dismay over its failure in resolving numerous burning conflicts – including chronic ones like Kashmir and Palestine – and ensuring peace which was the foremost purpose of its existence according to its charter.

turkey today relations tn copyThe historical significance of Turkey in regional and international affairs as well as its key role in the affairs of the Muslim World can hardly be overemphasized.

Current Crisis of Capitalism

  • Oct 21, 2018
  • Research Theme: Seminar
crscaptIn the wake of prolonged global recession and the movement to occupy the Wall Street, the Institute of Policy Studies Islamabad (IPS) organized a seminar on “Current Crisis of Capitalism”, which was addressed by leading experts on economics including Senator Professor Khurshid Ahmad.

obama_meSince 1967 Middle East – as a region has been a test of US' commitments to its allies on one hand and commitment to liberal values that form its very basis; on the other.

contemp_thumbIn the contemporary dynamics of Middle East, United States is the major global power that influences the internal and external affairs of the region and shapes the initiatives for peace or dynamics of war therein.

A talk by Zachary Katznelson, based on his [personal accounts of interactions with the inmates of infamous prison.

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