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Repatriation of IDP's: Status and the Way Forward

Speakers of a roundtable 'Repatriation of IDP's: Status and the Way Forward’ termed restoration of law and order and provision... Read more

Pakistan Affairs


'Grief Untold' launched at IPS

The research titled 'Grief Untold' was launched at Institute of Policy Studies on Friday, December 2, 2016. The study has... Read more

Pakistan Affairs

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IPS signed MoU with Academy of Commerce of Yunnan province

A 10-member delegation from Academy of Commerce of Yunnan province, China, visited Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad on December... Read more


IPS represented in CSSPR conference at University of Lahore

IPS research team member Fatima Habib participated in a two-day event - comprising a conference and a workshop - hosted... Read more

International Relations


Policy Perspectives (Vol. 13, No. 2)

The latest edition of peer-reviewed IPS’ flagship journal Policy Perspectives – disseminating the research carried out by IPS and its... Read more


Situational Brief

Pakistan Maritime Sector and Exclusive Economic Zone: Opportunities, Challenges and…

Comprehensive policy-planning, coordination between institutions concerned and knowledge-management is required to benefit from Pakistan’s blue (maritime) wealth. Read more

Pakistan Affairs

Situational Brief

Sustainability of Iran’s Nuclear Deal

Sustainability of the nuclear deal is important both for Iran and P5+1 but several domestic, regional and global challenges are... Read more

International Relations

Situational Brief

Termination of Hindu Marriage on Conversion: A Discussion on Hindu…

Pakistani parliament is in process of making Hindu marriages law. The initiative as well as the process has taken more... Read more

Society and Culture

Situational Brief

Developments in Kashmir: Dynamics and the Way Forward

A seminar titled “Developments in Kashmir: Dynamics and the Way Forward” at Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad, on 26 July... Read more

Global issues and Politics

Seminar Report

IPS Seminar Recommendations: ‘Developments in Kashmir: Dynamics and the Way…

The recommendations are derived from the proceedings of a seminar, titled “Developments in Kashmir: Dynamics and the Way Forward” held... Read more

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